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Some nice things people have said about me...

Sarah is a joy to work with, slotting in effortlessly with the creative team on any project and bringing her own ideas and expert touches that truly elevate the work every single time.

Nadia Damon

Content Director, The Croc

Sarah is a hugely confident creative designer and very experienced animator. She is brilliant at making large scale intricate projects seem easy. She has a bundle of passion, motivation, and professionalism. She is extremely engaging with laser focus on detail. Sarah makes the whole process seamless and works incredibly hard!

Alex O'Dell

                     Project Manager, The Croc

Sarah is hugely creative, capable, reliable and super fast. She is without a doubt our go-to lead animator and handles projects, big or small, with the same level of passion, enthusiasm and professionalism. 

Sam Orams

Chief Creative,  Bespoke Film and Communications

I love working with Sarah: she contributes great ideas, works really hard and delivers every time. More than that, I'm constantly impressed by her ability to deliver first rate work and make it look easy, always surprising us with delightful touches that exceed our expectations.

Rob Vincent

Producer Popla Media

Sarah has worked on several promotional videos for us and is so reliable and professional that I can't imagine working with anyone else. I feel confident that when provided with a brief, Sarah will use her creative judgement and discretion to enhance our ideas, and I can trust that she will add detailed touches that we could never have thought of. She constantly exceeds expectation and produces work of exceptional beauty and quality.


Anja Madhvani

Sales & Marketing Assistant, Sonocent Ltd.

Sarah is quite an exceptional talent. Having worked with her for years, she has never failed to deliver on any brief either conceptually or production - wise.
As a designer, director and animator, she always brings her unique take on any brief and her ideas are always fresh out of the box. Her quirky sense of humour is often evidenced in her concepts with refreshing results.
A dedicated hardworker, Sarah is a huge asset to any team and with her naturally diligent nature, works independently to deliver consistently high results. She's a real go-to person when you need to get a job done and know that you're in safe, talented hands!


Designer / Creative Director (Director of Squarezero)

Najma Bhatti

Sarah is an extremely talented and hardworking all round creative. In my time working with Sarah she was not only a keen and motivated ideas person; having created several in house children’s media concepts, but also a friendly and articulate individual when it came to putting these ideas across and ultimately executing them. I was always amazed at just how quickly Sarah could pull an idea together and how tirelessly she would work on all projects.
Sarah would be a prize asset to any creative company.


Senior Director, Nickelodeon

Alexi Wheeler

Sarah is a wonderfully gifted creative designer and animator. She made up one of the cornerstones of the company in terms of both design and production of our extensive creative output. She has a distinctive and brilliant style of her own which she can apply with great effect across many kinds of project. Always very hard working and highly skilled with Aftereffects she is capable of executing a project from concept to completion in a very efficient manner - always aware and sensitive to the clients and director's wishes.


Animation Professional (Director of Squarezero)

Olly Tyler

Sarah has done some excellent work for me and for some of my clients; Unii (which was actually used by Sky and BBC Click to explain the product we had developed and was very well received).
She is very professional, has great technical skills combined with great ideas and I would warmly recommend her if you need any animation/video work done.


Client : Unii and EasyPeasy

Manoj Chawla


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